Artist: Deladier Almeida

Deladier Almeida

Aerial landscapes of rural and central California

A visual pattern of recurring elements emerges that includes the fields, their edges of separation, the arteries that irrigate them and the shadows of the trees that stand like sentries on their banks. Providing produce for millions, these landscapes are in constant flux and rich with life.

It has been inspirational to read this ever-changing visual story and reflect it in paint on canvas, recombining these recurring elements into formal compositions as a writer would describe using the building blocks of words. I use reduction and abstraction in this visual language, allowing the essential geometry of these shapes to drive the structure of the composition.

The color harmonies, edge compositions, temperature keys, and scale that ensue are all functions of the underlying structural construct.

The resulting narrative on canvas is, when successful, a departure and an extrapolation of the landscape which, in simplifying it, dignifies it and reveals its essence.