Artist: Janell James

Janell James

About the Artist’s Work

James’ work was recently exhibited in the Springville Museum’s Spring Salon in Springville, UT. Her paintings are collected nationally and internationally and are in many private collections including Nordstrom, The Huntsman Cancer Institute and City Creek Downtown in Salt Lake City.
While looking at a James painting, the viewer may begin to feel as if they were within, under or even embraced by the trees she paints. Her unique amplification of negative space gives her paintings a quality unprecedented and never before seen in traditional landscape art, leaving one feeling both in the presence of trees and of art.
Artist Statement
Using both vivid and natural color schemes, James creates layer upon transparent layer of abstract imagery as her trees come into focus on the canvas. Her contrasting compositions of trees provide unlimited possibilities for artistic interpretation and expression and her confident application of paint and random marks leaves the viewer with a sense of movement and life.
Her trees, whether painted up close or at a distance, are discoveries from her back-wood adventures in Utah or on road trips to surrounding states.
James seeks to create art that evokes the words of Sir John Gilbert: paintings that are “….loopholes of escape to the soul, leading it to other scenes and spheres, where the fancy for a moment may revel, refreshed and delighted… a relief to the jaded mind, and windows to the imprisoned thought; they are books, histories, and sermons – which we can read without the trouble of turning over the leaves.”