David Skillicorn

Skillicorn, based in New York and Massachusetts, has been creating luminous abstract paintings for over twenty years. He explores complex spatial and color relationships through the use of texture, organic line, and sensuous fields of color.  Often mixing in elements of the physical landscape directly into the paint — sand, stone dust, field grasses, river water, bits of flora — he infuses the work with the presence of the natural world. In mixed media works on canvas, Skillicorn creates sophisticated, intuitive paintings alive with surface texture, lush paint of vibrant colors in bold strokes over atmospheric passages.

David Skillicorn’s life as a visual artist began with extensive work with video in the late 1970’s, leading to an earlier career as a multiple Emmy award-winning documentary filmmaker. His visual vocabulary deepened through those years while filming more than a million images across a wide spectrum of cultures and landscapes in more than forty countries. His intensive experiences filming the textures of culture, color and landscape throughout the world have had a lasting impact on his visual sensibilities and inform the unique visual language he has brought to his work as an abstract painter for the past twenty years.  Skillicorn shows his work regularly at galleries on both coasts, and has exhibited in a number of solo and juried group exhibitions. His paintings are part of innumerable public and private collections throughout the country, including  Johns Hopkins, Regent Hotel, Intel, Northern Trust Bank and many others.