Artist: Kim Brown

Kim Brown

Whenever I travel I enjoy spending my free time at the local second hand stores, flea markets and textile museums. I especially enjoy looking at the surfaces of well used and loved objects I encounter: rusted cars, worn and patched clothing and quilts, decaying paint on wood or just the beauty of one color sitting up next to another. All of these have an influence on my work while I try to shape and color the clay to reflect these memories and the pleasure the experience brought to me.

When working in clay there are endless possibilities of construction and surface. While developing my own rhythm and finding the rhythm of the clay I make changes along the way and try and let the flow of time and memory emerge.

The human figure is a canvas on which to draw pictures. It has form and volume and complexity. My sculptures are self referential. They express concerns and experiences I have or observe in others around me. I’m curious about what is behind the still pose or distant gaze. Somewhere there is a balance between outward appearance and inner lives.