Artist: Nikos Sawyer

Nikos Sawyer

Acting on an interest in design and a need for a new coffee table Nikos Sawyer began making furniture in a one car garage he had converted into a wood shop. From the humble beginnings of a coffee table made with reclaimed lumber Sawyer built on his skills and love of craftsmanship. He took an apprenticeship building custom furniture with Tony Church in Salt Lake City in 2008 and in 2011 opened his own shop Ten Ten Woodworking. Making custom furniture that can range from French Country to Dutch Modern, Sawyer was inspired to work beyond the wrote styles he created for clients and design pieces that reflect strength in their simplicity. His furniture often employed the use of natural edge wood slabs, reclaimed wood or modest welded forms contrasted with subtle but extraordinary details. The restrained design coupled with Sawyer’s penchant for complex joinery or  exacting inlaid veneers produces no-nonsense modern furniture that speaks to both design and function.