New Featured Artist: Sondra Wampler

Sondra was born in Southern California.  She attended Santa Monica College, completeing commercial photography program in 1982. While pursuing a career in commercial photography her focus turned to fine art. Being influenced by  modern painters as well as early masters of photography.

Sondra is best known for botanic still life work. She was published in Graphic Flora I as well as Graphis Photo Annual 2005 and her works can be found in private as well as corporate collections. Wampler continues to explore new themes in her work and is currently involved in photo montage mixed media to showcase them.

The 3 lovely works that we are showcasing at Coda Gallery  (below) are considered a “montage.” A mixute of photography, oil, etc.

Definition for  1mon·tage

 noun \män-ˈtäzh, mōⁿ(n)-\

: a work of art that is made up of several different kinds of things (such as strips of newspaper, pictures, or pieces of wood)

: a mixture of different things





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