David Dornan recently received the Governor’s Mansion Award from Utah Governor Gary Herbert. David lives and works in his beloved Helper, Utah. He is a graduate of Utah State University where he earned a Bachelor of Fine Art degree in 1976 and Arizona State University where he earned a Master of Fine Art degree in 1982. He taught drawing and painting at the University of Utah from 1982 to 1999 when he left the position to pursue a painting career.

David is best known for is imaginative treatment of commonplace objects such as a jar, flower or paintbrush. According to David his most successful works result from a meeting between total chaos and absolute control. Passion and process, rather than reason, drive his work as he continually seeks to express the beauty of light and color.

Over the past 25 years David has helped to launch the professional careers of a number of emerging artists who he mentored through workshops, private lessons and residencies. Many of these artists are now showing their work with us. David is considered a Utah gem and we are proud to represent him at the gallery as well as call him a friend.