Dawn Renee

Dawn Renee’s work is an exploration of the Raku firing processes and the result is a unique surface on the clay body.  A couple of years ago Dawn Renee had the opportunity to work with Belgium Naked Raku artist Wally Asselberghs and since has been practicing this technique and its possibilities blended with her own unique Raku palette.

Her most recent series, Ancestry, is a journey into the roots of her father’s family.  The family has lived on the Orkney Islands off of Scotland for centuries. She spends much of her time researching what is familiar to her heritage from her studio in Tucson, Arizona.

Weight of the Wind is her impression of a functional architectural addition to many of the farmhouses on the Orkney Isles, as the fierce winds off of the North sea never cease over the treeless isles, these weighty assemblages hang off of the north side of the roofs and keep them from breaking way to the winds.

Much inspiration has been found for the artist in this simple poetic verse:
“In the course of a single day you can see, in the immensity of the sky, the dance of sun, cloud sea mist, thunder, rain.”

George Mackay Brown, Orkney Poet