Doug Adams

Award winning recycled Sculptured Bell artist Doug Adams grew up in Fielding, Utah on a small Appaloosa horse ranch & farm. A childhood of working in the fields hauling hay, weeding mile long rows of sugar beets, and building fences all contributed to instilling a strong work ethic in Doug. After graduating from high school, Doug served his country in the military’s branch of Utah National Guard for 5 years. Upon his return from basic training & advanced training as a tank mechanic, he found employment constructing a large steel mill located nearby & a year later he began his 30 year career in the steel industry. Painter, stacker, straightener, torch-man, utility-man, 2nd helper, switchman, engineer, and Tundish builder/fabricator all contributed to Doug’s knowledge of recycling metals to create a new usable product. Doug created his first bell using a recycled cylinder in the early 80’s but it wasn’t until he met his wife Dianne that they started creating one of a kind sculptured bells using many of the same techniques Doug became so familiar with in the steel industry. Doug’s search for reclaimed treasures to incorporate into his work never ends, he has prided himself on the rarity of many of his finds! Old tools, well worn machinery, old car parts are all sculptures in the making for Doug’s artistic endeavors. His wife Dianne creates one of a kind glass in her art studio for each sculpture that’s created. In many Asian cultures it is considered good fortune or Zen to combine metals & stone (earth elements). Each bell has been  chosen for its tone, clarity & appearance, it is then hand embellished with Doug’s distinctive designs. Each unique bell stand is designed for its respective bell and given Doug’s trademark distressed patina. Each piece is carefully made to stand the test of time to be enjoyed by generations to come, both for indoor & outdoor settings. Doug’s work has found international acclaim and broad appeal with his collectors throughout the world. From the farm fields of northern Utah to recognized artist, Doug is grateful for his wife Dianne & all of his supportive family friends and collectors and most importantly to his loving Father in heaven for this journey called life!