Jen Harmon Allen

Jen Harmon Allen is a Utah sculptor and installation artist whose subject matter is the human body with a psychological back-story. She grew up in Connecticut where se learned to look for signs of early settlement such as stone walls and abandoned house foundations in the woods near her home. She studied bronze casting at Wellesley under Carlos Dorrien and received her MFA at BYU.Harmon Allen lives in Eagle Mountain, Utah with her husband and two sons.The human spirit is forever but it knows that the body is not. Faced with the reality of the body’s eventual treachery, our spirit wants to be given credit for sticking around. So I create work that points to ways the human spirit leaves traces of itself all over the place. An empty dress, an army of miniature legs marching through space—are examples of this pull between body and spirit. I’m always looking for signs of life in objects.