Liz Jonas

Liz Jonas Organic Jewelry is a small company dedicated to making beautiful, handmade jewelry from materials found around the world.
Liz Jonas, the company’s founder, has a BA in Fine Arts and has worked in fashion and design for over 20 years. In 2004, a creative hobby quickly turned into a passionate career, and Liz Jonas Organic Jewelry was born.
Since its inception, Liz has built up an unstoppable business and her work is now sold in stores all over the United States.
 In 2013, Christine, Liz’s daughter, joined the company. The duo works together to bring you the jewelry you love and just can’t live without.
All necklaces are handmade in California from original objects sourced globally. Each unique creation is made with materials like natural stones, Irish linen, sterling silver and bronze.
Many pieces are collected from trips around the world including France, Bali, Ethiopia and vintage religious medals from trips throughout Argentina, Portugal and Italy.