Lyman 2 Whitaker

Lyman Whitaker has been a sculptor for over fifty years. As a student of Avard Fairbanks and Angelo Caravaglia at the University of Utah, he learned techniques in classical sculpture as well as contemporary design. For three decades Lyman has focused on the creation of Wind Sculptures, kinetic art that responds to the changing currents of the wind. He has created sculptures that are innovative, artistic and responsive to their surroundings. Each is produced by hand and has a high degree of mechanical integrity. Lyman’s sculpture is well known its quality craftsmanship.Lyman lives in the dramatic desert of southern Utah with his wife Stacy and their two children, one at home and one off to college. The receptivity to his work, coupled with his partnership with his wife and his brother, John Whitaker, has allowed them to build a wonderful studio that is alive with creation. As master in the kinetic sculpture discipline, Lyman is internationally known. His work is represented at fine art galleries throughout the United States and abroad. Lyman’s collectors can be found around the world. His sculpture is seen in museums, at the seaside, in urban areas, in public venues or back yards… a reflection of their wide appeal. Lyman’s sculptural forms have an organic and mystical feel of tranquility that is beyond words. Fascinated by the wind’s power since childhood, his curiosity was piqued about weather and climate. His growing knowledge of climate has crept into the artwork and expresses itself in an ever-changing evolution of shapes with undulating movement. Eager to express his concerns about where climate is headed, Lyman along with his family succeeded in reigniting an effort to stop Toquop, a coal-fired power plant near his home. The plant was subsequently redirected to solar/natural gas. Hoping to give a broader voice to his ecologic concerns, Lyman ran for Utah State House of Representatives in 2008. But perhaps, in the end, the silent voice of his art speaks the loudest.