Pamela Gibson

I am a child of the West, maintaining studios in Jackson Hole and Southern Utah. I am moved every day by the landscapes I observe and the metaphors they elicit. Wild places, unpolluted sky and clear waters are a North Star to inspire our human decisions. When I am in the studio I am aware every moment of the passage of time, how it manifests in the landscape and what it means to us individually and universally. My medium is molten beeswax infused with pigment. I use brushes, yes, but the torch is my primary painting tool. My abstract pieces are deeply layered, textured and complex. They find their genesis in the landscape, but my studio is crowded with muses: poets, artists, writers and musicians. Nails, burned dress patterns, watch parts, script, have all found their way into the work. In the end I aim to translate landscape into visual emotion.