Patricia Canney

Patricia Canney is a Minneapolis artist. She graduated from the University of Minnesota with a degree in Studio Art. After spending 2 yrs in the Peace Corps in West Africa she returned to Minneapolis to work in television graphics, advertising and graphic design.She began working in watercolor and travelled in Brittany to paint for several annual trips. She took her first workshop in oil from Kim English in 1999. Since then she has taken additional workshops from Kim English as well as Peggi Kroll Roberts, Cheri Christensen, Carol Marine, Anne Blair Brown and Milt Kobayashi.She paints the places and people from her own world and experience. Her parents owned a small town cafe in northern Minnesota. Those restaurant tables, chairs and kitchens evoke personal memories, but they are also a part of everyone’s world and memory.The garment paintings grew from images of store fronts, tailor back rooms, dressmakers’ studios, theater costume shop. Those images were also a part of childhood. Her grandmother worked as a tailor in an old-fashioned men’s clothing store, so the distinctive smell of a steam iron on wool still remain.Patty has traveled and painted in the US and in Europe. She teaches a painting workshop in the Hill Country of Texas at Wenmohs Ranch.Her studio is open for the annual May open studio weekend in NE Mpls – “Art-A-Whirl” and monthly for Second Saturdays in the California Bldg. in the NE Minneapolis Arts District.She is  a member of the Paintings Curatorial Council at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts and is currently the Program Committee Co-Chair.