Sandra Elliott

My work reflects intuitiveness and connection to my surroundings. I like using the earth (clay) as a medium for dialogue and expression. There is an earth spirit connection.Much of my work is inspired by the landscape that surrounds my home in Boulder Utah. There I spend hours hiking in the desert. I am intrigued with the intimacy between land formations and endless repetition and profound effects of the natural elements. The result is a sculptural wonderland. I try to recreate this relationship through my work.I often make this connection using the female figure as a means for inquisitiveness and self-exploration. For me there is a realization through the physical body of timelessness, connection and innate knowing.Many of my pieces are simple form. I carve patterns representing movement and energy into the form and many figures have openings that explore this integration of outer and innner awareness. I create these surfaces using various firing techniques, applying stains, oxides, and underglazes. The final firing process on many of my pieces is a slow burning sawdust firing.With this process there is a letting go, relinquishing control. This is exciting because the results are un-contrived, it is simply form and fire. In the end I am often surprised at how a piece will develop and convey to me a deeper understanding and integration between the physical and metaphysical.