Sandra Meyer

Sandra Meyer has been a career artist for 15 year, having worked prior in the music industry as a professional musician. She creates her multimedia paintings with a complex layering of rhythmic relationship, coming together, as many of her collectors describe as “magical”. Sandra’s interpretation of the natural world and the world around her is translated and brought about with a mix of spontaneity, control, and an intuitive response, all of which has been a guide in her art. Observation of the natural world has been her powerhouse and she draws from memory to create her marks and images. “The themes and collections I create are really photo memories and narratives of places and things of my past – the things that brought me joy as a child. The things that helped heal me. In my current art practice, those subjects have come back in my work on a deeper level. I draw on them as symbols of strength, hope, peace and resilience.” Being self-taught and mentored by the acclaimed Miami artist, Mira Lehr, Sandra’s work is created with a fusion of several materials in multiple layers. Acrylics, fluids, and inks are her paint mediums which are sometimes poured, swirled and dripped onto fresh canvas. Lifting the panels and directing the flow of fluid paint is part of her process. Japanese papers, ink, charcoal, collage, and even gunpowder are also materials incorporated into her work in a unique layering process. Journaling can be found buried into texture. The painting always guides her to where it needs to go next. It’s a very physical, intuitive and energetic process. Sandra currently works and resides in Atlanta, Georgia along with her husband Mark, and their son.