Sondra Wampler

In 2004 I began experimenting with multiple imagery resulting in my most recent body of surreal works.  This series was born from a period of time spent studying and experimenting with post-modern concepts and practices. The task of creating an image based on a word or concept was a new challenge for me. I began with my dreams, which were visually challenging, and wondered how to put them down on paper as a single image.  I first considered building elaborate miniatures to create these surreal places seen in my slumber.  I soon abandoned that idea after experimenting with multiple imagery.  The first piece, “Alucinor”, was born when the opportunity to photograph a red-tail hawk up close with its great wings spread wide was given to me.  I began pulling images that would relate to my vision from my vast library that I had created over the past 30 years.  I soon realized as I created one piece several more were born as if by osmosis.  I allowed myself to create from a subconscious level that led me on a path of discovery.  On first glance one may think this new imagery is the complete opposite of the botanical works I am known for and one may be correct.  However it relates to the botanicals in that it addresses similar themes found in nature with all its complexities of form, texture and of course the environment. The images suggest a link between the natural world and that of man’s and the contrast between them.